Monday, April 20, 2015

Prophet for the Whole World

Just wanted to let you know that I met the Prophet for the Whole World this week. Or so he told me. He invited me (not my companion...awk) to a paster and prophet meeting to hear what God wants to say... Sorry my guy. Pretty sure that happened a few weeks ago in a GIANT BUILDING that fits 22,000 people in it, not your wooden shack. He did prophesy for me though. He said, "If it is God's will, you will progress."
Then he asked for money.
Then I walked away.

We had a baptism last week of 4 for the other companionship. One man was quite a story. A drunk womanizer turned his life around in the past few months and was ready to be baptized! It is a gospel of change, brothers and sisters! Lets see how the past prostitute who has been coming to church for the past 3 months turns out.... Repentance is for everyone!

It is never too late either! Tony Antwi clocking in 82 years on this earth loves the Book of Mormon and came to church this week! A man gave him a Book of Mormon over 20 years ago and it sat and collected dust for all that time. He told us this week, "I had this book for 20 years and I never knew what I was missing! It talks more about Jesus Christ than even the Bible does!"

A young women's president was finally called!! Just in time for my package to come! Now our Young womens room is adorned with lovely colourful things and banners. Thanks mom! Your work is appreciated! 

I was reading through the Personal Progress book. OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN DUTY TO GOD!!!! Young women are at a totally different level than us men. I sat in young womens this week and recorded on my camera a girl who MEMORIZED THE WHOLE LIVING CHRIST FOR ONE OF HER PROJECTS. This program doesn't mess around. Invite me to the next New Beginnings night. I will testify! A Young womens medallion means so much more to me now after reading through.. I will be on the look out now!

Ta Ta for now!