Friday, November 29, 2013

A Short Note

I wasn't able to finish my email time on Monday so I came back another day and wrote a week email on a word document and put it on a card and for some reason it needed to be formatted. So the nice email I wrote is gone. So just know that I had a good week and we had a baptism set for our friend Noadiah, but Sunday she was unable to come to church which was a cause for some stress and confusion. We now have a font at our chapel, so no more river. At church we taught about Baptism in Gospel Principles and afterwards one of our investigators saw the font and said, "The font is full. Can I get baptized... now?" Haaha we told him yes he can be baptized, but not today. We gave him a date for next month. What is the coolest is that Acts 8:36-38 the man says, "Here is water, what doth hinder me to be baptized?" In that situation they dunked him right then and there, we thought it might be good to maybe allow time for testimony first. Testimony is good. 

Weeks are flying. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.... but there is no geese here so there is a problem...

Elder Riehle

Monday, November 18, 2013

6 Months

As of this past Sunday, I have been in the lovely country of Ghana for 6 whole months! So much has happened in the past little bit and it has gone so fast! I have learned so much and I hope I have become a better person. One big thing I have learned is that progress can't always be seen up close. You have to step back and look at the whole picture. If I looked at the past week and try to look at what has changed, it would be tough but as I step back, Oh boy! It's like getting tan. I have gotten quite dark, not going to lie, but day by day I can't see the difference! 

This week I was getting over the sickness. I told God on Tuesday Morning that I will give my all, or at least the all that I can give, but it won't be a lot. He will have to give me some slack. Tuesday Afternoon, we had a man named Sammy who wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted to "learn all about it". He said that and I probably smirked a little bit and in my head I gave a little salute to God. Thanks Captain. I know you have got me covered! 

I love just meeting people sometimes! This week I was able meet Brother Hanson, father of Abigail Hanson who I know in America! I had a nice chat with him and snapped a picture! It just amazes me how small the world is with in the Saints.

My biggest goal this week has been working to please God. If we worry about all the people around us we will do just that, worry. And too much! I still get nervous and I still get like butterflies, but I know that God wants me to share his true gospel and there is nothing to stop me! All I can do is give my all!

D&C 4- Give my heart. my mind. my strength.

The Church is true!

Elder Riehle

Monday, November 4, 2013


I have so many stories from this week. Ill review them all tem tem (fast fast)

On Monday, Elder Richards and I took the prophetic advice to heart and decided to plant a garden!! Only problem, this is Africa. We don't know how to garden in Africa! We got our recent convert to help us plant Cassava, pepe, avocado, onions, papaya, okra, pineapple, garden eggs (egg plant?? I think?) and tomatoes. We will enjoy... in 6 months... :/

This Thursday was Halloween! In Ghana... no one cares... We did though. We bought candy (there is no good candy here), I put a Superman shirt under my priesthood and went out! I wore a thickish shirt so no one saw it until we got to our recent convert, Ernest and I ripped it open! Then we enjoyed candy. Sort of. I know all you Americans are enjoying your Halloween candy right now. Send some to the Missionary cause in Africa!

There is a first time for everything and this week I had a first! My knees were trembling and my mouth was dry. First time having a gospel conversation with a white man!! Frightening to say the least. I dont
know what I will do when I come back. You white people are scary.This guy is a super rich guy from Britain who has rented out an old Slave Castle in Dixcove for 50 years. He goes around to the villages and sets up churches. He was VERY set in his beliefs and wasn't very nice to us... It put into perspective how Elder Frederickson's life is in England! This was the first time I have ever really had someone truly reject me. Ghanaians are too nice for that. I am so lucky to be in a place where I don't get rejected everyday.

I over stepped my racial boundaries and learned how to cut African hair! With a tiny blade.. I shaved a kids head with just a flimsy blade and it actually looked good!

This Sunday was interesting for two reasons. First, I got to finally see the Lord's chosen in General Conference! Notice that I said see.... I SAW it but for hearing.. not so much. Lets just say that
four hours of Fante talking was a wee bit long. But the spirit was nice. Second thing was an Eclipse!! Finally could check off a life long bucket list. It was a partial eclipse, no total darkness but hey, It is an Eclipse!

And then today. Oh boy. There are 3 large beaches in my area boundaries and I have now been to all of them. Butrie, Busua and Cape 3 Points. Today I went to the last, Cape 3 Points. It took about 2 hours to get there on a tiny dirt road. We got there and went to the famous light house. It wasn't all that great, but we had a good time on the rocks next to the ocean. The way out was where it got interesting. I have truly learned the lesson in Osmosis? How did I learn about the travel of water through a membrane on a mission in Africa you ask? Well. It is a lot easier to get transportation from a big town to a small town. Small to big? not so easy. We were un able to get a car back and ended up having to WALK for about 3 hours (going about 20 kilometres) and blessed to get a car for the last hour. All in all a four hour trip. We went with some guys in the branch and they repeated "a day I will never forget."

I realize that none of those stories had anything to do with the gospel and missionary work. I promise you that I AM actually working hard, not just cutting hair and going to the beach. So i'll bring it back
D&C 6:10-- We all have been given gifts. I have been so humbled and so strengthened while I have been here. I have been able to see my strengths and weaknesses like night and day. We just always have to remember that our talents come from God. So am I really good at cutting hair with a razor? Yes. Thanks God.

Choose tomorrow to be happy for the gifts you have.

Elder Riehle