Monday, December 9, 2013

Jason is dead and Headbutted by a goat!!

What a crazy week! I hope you can tell from the title. First off, as of last week I have killed my first Jason! I will kill another one next year as well! Don't worry, all commandments are being followed. July, August, September, October, November. Jason.

This was a powerful week. Numbers wise, one of the most so far yet. We had a sweet 30 lessons with room for more. Days go by so quick when we have a lesson every hour. They are just a blur. We have bumped our 1 gospel conversation per hour goal to 2. I have friends in Korea, Japan, England and others that talk to people all day. I need to make sure I get that experience too! Also our goal of setting times after GCs has exploded in our face. Saturday was a solid 9 to 9 12 hour day, lessons every hour. 

This is the life! During a lesson, teaching the Restoration, a nearby goat apparently did not like the content of the discussion and straight out head butted me!! Right on my knee and had me limping around for a while! What made it worse, was they tied it up but it got unloosed headbutted me again! NOT on my missionary call! You are hereby called to serve and be headbutted by goats. No. It was really funny and added a good mood to the lesson. Maybe God works in mysterious ways?

What was nice about our 30 lessons is that half were with a member! We have about 8 youth that are preparing to go on a mission in the next year or so and we have made a big focus to get them out with us. One of the young men especially, Arthur-Young, comes out with us all the time and is becoming a powerful missionary! We are setting up a mission prep class soon.

My time in Agona is running short. The transfer ends in two weeks and according to all logic, I am leaving. It will be weird to leave the place that has become my home. Arthur-Young was looking through my planner and saw the day I had marked Transfer Day. He teared up and said, "Please don't say you are leaving." That was like a punch of love to the face. I have grown to love these people so much and one thing I have seen the most, the work is fueled by love. If you put your full heart and soul into the work, you will get so much in return.

Speaking of love. I just want to say that I love my Dad so much! This week is is big FIVE ZERO!! Half way to a century, Dad! Even with your salt and pepper hair, you are still the young guy at heart!

Modern day scripture. "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel." Joseph Smith

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