Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This week has been yet another adventure!

This week has been yet another adventure!

Here is a few things.
While proselyting, we went to an investigator's house and no one was around except for a woman laying down by a tree. As we got closer, she sat up and started yelling at us and screaming. I was a little scared for a second until I saw that she was tied up to the tree... Wait. Who would tie someone to a tree?? Well. It is an everyday thing out here in the village.

People make the coolest things out of simple materials. In my mission, I have seen some cool stuff but this week one tops them! A Bike made out of bamboo!

We are teaching a sweet family, Clement and Victoria. The first time I met Victoria I told her that she had the same name as my junior sister. She got really happy and I showed her a picture of the Riehle
Victoria. Now I always call her "my junior sister". This week we went to teach them but they had not come back from their farm. Victoria has a little broom selling business. But not regular brooms. Ghana Brooms! Made from cutting bits of palm fronds! We sat there and just started making her brooms for her. When they came back and found us serving them they were so shocked and happy! The spirit was so sweet when we taught them after. Service is powerful!

Can't go to Ghana with out some sort of ailment. Right now I have this bacterial growth on my face under my nose. It is about the size of a thumbnail and looks like a Hitler Stash, which is a little
unfortunate. Luckily no one here knows who Hitler is and no one has made the connection. I have gotten some cream so it should be going away soon!

Ghana has a sweet game called Draft/Dam. It is alot like checkers but with some different rules and a 10x10 board. The biggest of which is that you have to be really extreme while playing, like slamming the pieces down and yelling expletives at your opponent. (I usually don't play with the last one.) Elder Bannerman and I enjoy playing (even though he is from Ghana and can kick my trash) So this Monday, we made our own Draft boards! It involved cutting out 100 pieces for the board and sanding and nailing and phew. It was work but they turned out really nice! I will send a picture next week!

All is Vell!

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