Monday, October 27, 2014

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Being in one of the biggest Gold towns in Ghana, Gold is all around. I went outside one morning to shine my shoes (as well as I can. Not much is left of these shoes nowadays) And our landlord who lives upstairs was just coming home from sleeping in the bush for 2 days. He says he has something to show me and tosses it from the stairs. It was only a giant piece of Gold about the size of an iphone and weighed about like 1000000 business cards. With the gold price being about 1260$ per ounce, I was holding about 25000$ of gold in my hand. Yes. Selfies were taken.
With said Gold miners in the town, a certain member who is a Gold company manager had Frankincense and Myrrh shipped straight from Israel because he wanted to see what it was like. It was not cheap. So now I have a true perspective, on Christ's birth. Joseph and Mary were happy campers for those gifts.

Also, the same Landlord invited us to come to his Gold mining spot to see how they do it. So lets just say, now I know how to drive a giant excavator and where to find gold nuggets. Useful skills for the future... And we got to cross barley into Ashante region. And no President. We did not cross mission boundaries.

This week has been so odd because not all of it was spent proselyting. I was on the phone so much that they called me, "Bishop." The house we are meeting in for church is a Gold company (owned by Bishop at BYU) and they have been letting us meet in it. Because of some disagreement between landlord and the company, we were told on Wednesday that we would not be able to meet at that house again. So the second half of this week was spent running around town looking for a place that the group could meet this Sunday. We went everywhere and everywhere and the Lord Provided so much. Miracles happened and windows of heaven were opened. We got the landlord to calm down and let us meet one last time and we also found a place that we can meet temporarily for the next few weeks and we found a potential place that the church could rent for a chapel. And... best of all, our pleading for a baptismal font payed of and this week we got shipped up a colapsable baptism font. Made specially by a past misson President in Nigeria, President Karikari (which I totally know people with that name at home.) I works like a metal box with a canvas to hold the water. It will do its job well.

Brethren and Sisters. Be Prepared. You never know when you might give a talk in Sacrament meeting.

This place being a gold town has attracted some few foreigners. By a few foreigners, I mean TONNES of Chinese people. WOW. We have a member who works with them and has learned how to cook Chinese food and made us some. Seemed pretty legit. Got to eat with chopsticks. 

Had a sweet conversation with a very educated Muslim man who had many valid questions about Christianity. Questions like, "Why do Christians preach one thing at church and then do something else?" "Why do Christians have so many contradicting doctrines?" Valid questions. By the end of our conversation, after testifying the truths found in our church, He asked, "Why is your church so different than the other Christian churches? I like your church." Who knows what God has in store for this man, but I am satisfied that he will definitely accept the restored gospel when he has the chance in the spirit world.

love it

Return Home Better Men. RHBM

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