Monday, March 30, 2015

Dunkwa is a bustling and highly populated town but happens to be positioned in Hours of absolute BUSH. So it takes a long time for anything ever to happen. We have been meeting in a rented house under construction, no water, a bathroom made from a tarp in a corner, no light bulbs or fans (very hot and very dark) and a random wall in our chapel making things very cramped.

Hot. Dark and Cramped. With no bathroom. You feel me?

But this week, work finally got done!! The church construction team came in and in a series of 3 days, lightbulbs- inserted, fans- in motion, wall- obliterated, toilet- functioning, water- flowing. This church knows how to get things done! I personally helped bring down the iron curtain wall making our normal sacrament meeting attendance of over 100 fit much better when there was space for 150 chairs (instead of 80). For some reason, the landlord wanted 35 FANS IN HIS HOUSE. So when all that are in the chapel are on the highest setting, it was like a wind tunnel.

I didn't even procelyte in mine own area this week. Every day interviews. One was with a child of a woman getting baptized. Interview in Twi ONLY.

Saturday was the day we had been preparing for. After 6 months we have been here, we finally got a double digit baptism! it should have been 11 but one wasn't able to come. The Spirit was definitely there.

Sunday was crazy with 10 confirmations. Once again, no time for talks. But last week, 2 of my recent converts gave talks! One was only baptized 2 weeks before! And this week another was prepared to give one if time had permitted. 

With the new sign board, we have found 5 new members! One was living with her endowed father in the Muslim community and he died JUST last month. That was a bummer to hear. Another guy, has been here for about 4 months and is 24ish preparing for mission. The work is moving forward!!

Elda Riehle

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