Monday, August 12, 2013

River Baptism and New Pictures

This week was powerful. It is my week 11 which in the mission is usually the week where the trainer just lets the son go. But this week has been the busiest week I have had yet. Everyday was full of busy busy busy. We had to get ready for the baptism that would happen in the weekend and there was a lot to do. I was blessed this week to be able to baptize in a river! We call it the Waters of Mormon. We had four powerful brothers who were ready, and one more that should be very very soon. All this week we went to the river to prepare it. On Tuesday, all the young men went with cutlases to weed the place. Elder Harris and I tried to come, but we had to go see a man that lives in Gybenkrom, about 30 minutes taxi drive from Agona. By the time we came back they had DESTROYED the place. The intention was to just clear a bit, but about 50 feet of it was clear. They left all the weeds on the ground and it looked terrible. But they promised to come back on Friday.  On Friday they didn't come back. Only Elder Harris, our branch mission leader, Felix, and one more man named Daniel and I came. So just the few of us we had to clear and weed and burn and get in the water to make sure it was safe. The water is.... somehow clean... When I came out from being in [the water] for a while my white shorts were brown... but it was good enough. When Sunday came God's hand was definitely there helping us. This first baptism was a test run to see if we could do it again. President Bybee, the first counselor to the mission president had to come to supervise. We baptized 4 awesome guys. Joseph Amofah, Robert Kofwie, Ernest Boateng were all baptized by Felix, the branch mission leader and I was fortunate enough to go in the water and baptize Daniel Yankey. The spirit was so strong there at the Waters of Mormon and we had about 30 members come. It was an amazing experience and it will be the first of many in the Waters of Mormon. 

I want to talk a little bit about Ernest Boateng. August 11th, the Sunday he was baptized, was the month anniversary of meeting him in a bar! He was so prepared by the Lord and I am so excited to see what great things he does in the work.

On Saturday, we had to go to Takoradi to get some baptismal clothes. While we there we ate pizza!!! In America, it is not that big of a deal, but here pizza is hard to come by! It was 20 cedis for a "large" which is about the size of a medium. 20 cedis is about 10 dollars, but it was totally worth it. We had our friend Jude there and he said it was good, but "not as good as fufu" Hahah. This week was so great. It is crazy that the transfer is coming and Elder Harris is probably leaving... leaving me the big man in Agona...

Jacob 6:12 What more can I say? ("O be wise; what can I say more?")

Below are some pictures sent by the Branch Mission President, Jude Fiifi Yankson
Baptism Pictures

Pizza in Takoradi

Making fufu

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