Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fun Little Stories

I went on splits last week with Elder Moore from York (the Old one in England) and he asked me what my favorite part of my mission is. I thought about and I said that it was just waking up in the morning!! Everyday has something new in store! I have realized that I have only been talking about one thing every week so here are some fun little stories. 

The work in Agona... wow. Feel free to send any free time of yours in the mail. We need it so bad! There is not enough time in the day to see the people we need to see! Like Ammon says, "I do not boast in my own strength, but I boast in my God" so that is what I will do. Wow! God is awesome! He is blessing this place so much! Elder Richards and I sat down and wrote down all the people who will be baptized in the next few months and we counted 15. And those are only the solid ones. I boast in my God for the success he is providing in little Agona Nkwanta.

I never knew people could resort to violence over the Book of Mormon!! We were outside the branch Quorum President just chatting. People come up to us all the time thinking that because we were white we have mon-ay and to that we say saw-ray. They come to THE worst people to ask for money from, volunteer missionaries. But this time was no different, while we were chatting and lady came up and got into my son's face and not very nice way, asked for money, in which we always take the opportunity it to say. "We don't have money to give but what we have is better than money, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We would love to set a ti--" but this time we were cut off and she saw a Book of Mormon in my hand and she said "give me Bible". And STILL trying to turn this in to a positive conversation, I said "This is a book like the bible. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jes--" She cut me off again and said "I don't care, just give it!" And then she latched onto my arm and was trying to rip it off! The "it" in this situation being my arm! For about 30 seconds it was my arm vs crazy Fante woman and it wasn't going well. (But to make sure you know, in this battle, my arm was definitely the Nephites.) She was still fighting for it, so as a representative of Jesus Christ I felt it was best just to let go. When I did, She took the book, placed it... down her shirt... and laid on the ground. It was at this point where the Quorum president decided to intervene and get it back. 

I met a man this week name Zion Ellis who is 100% Rasta! His dreads are 4 feet long and he is suuuper hippieish. He is new to the town and needs a friend so we happily obliged. He invited us to sleep over at his vegetarian tree house restaurant of which we had to respectfully decline. maybe in 2 years! 

A recent convert, Robert about 25 years old, asked me where babies came from.... That is NOT in the missionary handbook.

Last week was me being her for 4 months. Wow. Blessings are coming about as much as it is raining, which is really hard, everyday. 

Psalms 133:1 Unity is pleasant
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Elder Riehle

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