Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crazy Week

What a crazy week! It was chock full of preparing for the baptism this sunday (September 8th). Once again it was in our river! :) We did a lot of preparing but it was tough! There are a lot of details to work out... such as Baptismal clothes.. Which I didn't think of till Sunday morning and we had to take the 45 minute tro tro ride to the Stake centre during church! Oops.. The Baptism on Sunday was awesome. Three new members of our little branch! We even saw a snake this week haha But, The greatest experience happened on Wednesday and today. Wednesday was a Combined Zone meeting and a bunch of missionaries were there. One of the companionships brought a set apart Elder who is going to Nigeria. After the meeting the Elder told us how his father lived in Dixcove which is in our area and we have to go see him! What an amazing referral. A missionary son wanting to bring his father n the Gospel. Dixcove is a little bit away and we cant justify our proselyting time to go out there so we went today! P-Day! I have been to Dixcove before with Elder Harris and went to the Fort there (which we had to pay 5 cedis to get in) and the beach. This man, Robert Mensah, the Elder's Father is one of the villages most respected men and is the care keeper of the Fort! Recently though he got in an accident and his right leg is broken. But this man had some of the strongest faith I have seen in a Ghanaian (which is saying a lot). His son gave him a bible and a triple as a parting gift that he has been studying everyday. So basically we meet a man who already has a love for the Book of Mormon and wants to know what his son is going to Nigeria to teach! Hello open door! I had a vision (more like a thought hah) while we were talking to him and I saw him as a powerful member someday! The Lord is providing!

D&C 19:23 The recipe for Peace!
(Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.)

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  1. Hello Elder Riehle,
    This is Abby from Ghana but living in Philadelphia USA. (Freda Asante Kwabi's friend).
    Thanks for your blog and for all the great service you're rendering for my people. May God continue to bless and watch over you all.