Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NO Light. NO Water. NO Problem

Sometimes, you never appreciate something till it is gone. This week we have on and off power and no water! I was amazed how much having no water really changes... everything! Water is life!

This week were preparing for the baptism of our good friend Elvis who lives in Eshiem. This would have been the first baptism in the village for about 6 months and the first one to happen in their new baptismal font. Notice I said "would have." The baptism was unable to come on because, well, there was no water. And water is pretty important for baptism. We tried to think of alternatives, but for some reason, buying water bottles seemed to be a bad idea. It would have meant buying 400 water bottles! So we had to push it off till next week.

Not having water was ok until we ran out of dishes and we had to wash our clothes. That's when we did end up buying the water sachets bags and went on excursions to find neighbors with wells. I have never been so conscience about water before!

I learned a big lesson this week. Anything can be a crisis, but that is your choice. Not having water was tough, yes, but I know that we can live. Life goes on. It can be a crisis if an investigator doesn't come to church, OR we can be cool-headed and think about how to help solve their concerns. Don't let life be a crisis, go out into life and smile and it shall be well. Or in Fante, Obeyeye. We ran into this ridiculous pastor who said all this blasphemy about the church and Joseph Smith and rambled on for a loooong time. I just smiled and bore testimony and as he was leaving he said to me, "I like your communication. Keep smiling, It is working." He also said he had had seen me on the street (In Takoradi, the really big city) and recognized me because he remembered my smile.

So smile and wave, boys! Just smile and wave!

D&C 123 Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our paths 

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