Monday, February 24, 2014

It's a Me-Eat-Dog World

Every day I see new things and find a new part of Ghana that I hadn't seen before! This week I got to try dog! Now I can say that I really went to Ghana. That is added to my list of dolphin, shark and rat. I seem to still be alive...

This week was again just another week of Ghana ups and downs. Our investigators are on it and the members are as always giving their well intentioned support.

This Saturday, I got a call from the Bishop asking if I could speak in sacrament meeting for a "missionary moment for 10 minutes." It is not really normal, but it was a fun little try. I started with the prepared notes I had speaking.. well.. English. The only language I can really speak. And I could see heads bobbing and other heads turned to the windows listening to the loud drum beats coming from the Church across the street. I realized I needed to change something to put some umph into the meeting. How about a white guy speaking a scarce African Dialect? That should do it. So I went off script and just started saying the things I know how to say. I bore my testimony, talked about missionary work and invited them to be missionaries themselves... Or at least I think I did... The Spirit worked its stuff and the message was put across.

This week I got the sweet news that my favorite older sister, Alex, is engaged to my new brother, Logan. It will be happening while I am still gone and it has really hit me that... Life moves on with out me! I mean everyone knows that I am the center of the universe, but I guess it still means that they can still live their life. I will never ever be a little kid playing with my sister in the playroom ever again. Life is so short and so precious. We have to live to our full potential everyday! We have no time to waste. How lucky am I to have 2 whole years to serve the Lord. What a lucky, blessed (and modest) guy I am! 

Live life in the fullest. Everyday is a new day.

Colossians 3:23- Live your live for God- Not man!
"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;"

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