Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Don't Kill Your Mother

Oh, the things I have to say when talking to everyone I see. Sometimes we get some crazy ones.

I am sure you have heard about the Ebola issue going around Africa. I has not reached Ghana (yet) and I am really safe. The missions in Sierra Leone and Liberia are being evacuated and are currently trying
to escape the country, but it is very difficult. Nigeria might be next on the list. Last night a few were able to come to Ghana, but there are still more that are trapped. God is hearing our prayers for our
brothers trapped in a Ebola Quarentine. These are the last days! Jesus is coming!

I forgot last week to tell a great story! Little Sarah who got baptized last week wants to thank Victoria for her letter! It could not have come at a better time. Before her baptism, we came to visit Sarah and Aggie (the mother) and Sarah said she did not want to be baptized. It came out of no where because she had been so excited! We asked her why and she said someone told her that she was a little kid and was too young to be baptized. We told her how God says the 8 year olds should be baptized and now that she is 12 she is not a kid but a Young Woman! At this point I was able to pull out Victoria's letter
and told her how Victoria is baptized and has even been to the temple! God loves each of the children and now Sarah has a friend in America. Thank you Victoria!

Have you ever heard of noodling? Apparently you put on a rubber glove and stick your hands into holes and let cat fish bite it. Never done that but this week we did a little crab catching! They live in shallow holes in the ground with a bit of water. To catch them you shove your hand as fast as you can and grab the crab before it can pinch you! Let it be known. I have caught a crab with my hand... and I did not get bit. Score.

Elder Riehle

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