Monday, July 28, 2014

Eight Baptisms

Life is so great right now! This Saturday we had our first baptisms since being in Nyenasi. Our zone had an accompanying 4 making 8 in all. It was an amazing experience. Eight people all making that step! Not only that but I had the blessed opportunity to be the baptist for all of them. Eight people. God is so great. 

This week we had a crazy adventure! We have a progressing investigator who started a work that prevents him from coming to church for 6 weeks. Unfortunately it is about 45 minutes walk on a road going to the middle nowhere and.... he is making alcohol... Who ever found out you could make super strong alcohol from a palm tree is not a friend. It is not his fault. He agreed to do it before he heard the Word of Wisdom and he can't back out. So he is out there! And we really missed him so we went on faith to look for him. We walked. for a long time. We finally found him at his distillery. There was a sweet reunion and then he grabbed his locally made shotgun and said he would come in a little bit. He walked 20 feet away in to the bush and within 5 seconds he was out of view. 5 minutes later  we heard a shot and he came walking out with the biggest squirrel I have ever seen. Seriously the size of a rabbit!! And... It tasted real good. After we went to a tiny village another 15 minute walk away. Probably some of the first white guys to have ever gone there. What an honor.

This week, we found an amazing investigator out of no where!! Within this week, we met him, taught him, gave him a baptismal date and he is coming with in us proselyting. In just 5 days! Definitely the fastest I have seen! His name is Solomon and he is so great! He even is from my old area at Kojokrom! It is so great!

I forgot to add last week that the tortoise was pregnant! And 3 eggs were inside. We ate them too. 

Additionally Dad received the following letter today:

One thing mission has taught me is just to get things done! I am so blessed. I have the opportunity to be handing out baptismal dates and some of them working out! I have learned that it is better just to give them a date and have them reject it than to wait. 

Dad. Life is so. good. right now. We just baptized 4 people and 4more from the rest of the zone. so all together it was a 8 person baptism- the biggest I have seen. Not only that- I got to baptize them all. I got to stand in the water and use my authority to provide salvation for 8 souls. How great is that? "Ewiase eye de" The world is sweet!

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