Monday, February 16, 2015

Burdens Made Light

You might think that the title has something to do with this weeks missionary work or how the Lord has helped lift burdens. It is true that He does lift spiritual burdens but like in Mosiah where he made the Nephites burdens light under the bondage of the Lamenites. I was praying for that burden liftage when we went to bush this week and helped a family collect fire wood. We spent about an hour collecting and cutting wood and trees to pieces. Then the lady made ropes out of palm fronds and split the wood into two and put one bunch on my head. Think. we just collected wood for an hour and HALF of it was on my head!! I never prayed so much for my 178430 pound burden to be made light for the 20 minute walk back to he house. I might be a few inches shorter vertebrae compressed together.

Also Shout out to Alexandra's birthday this week!

I met a man whilst on exchanges who asked amazing questions. Life long Catholic but did not agree on Trinity, Infant baptisms, clergy, and so many others. It was so nice to be able to speak the truth and have it all make logical sense. Can all this truth be really found in one place!! We had a very lengthy lesson with him and were very excited to see him again. Could be Golden? But there is always a catch. He doesnt stay in Dunkwa and lives across mission boundaries.

We had a district activity this week where all the missionaries in the district all met up in one area who was struggling and just contacted for a whole hour. In one hour we had tonnes of contacts and found 19 people who look promising. Who ever said we had to to the work by our selves?

In a lesson with a Young man who had previously had contact with the church in his secondary school said he had some concerns with the church. One was that dating starts at 16. He was shocked why it was so low. LOL different cultures.

We have a great investigator who is having some serious Word of Wisdom problems. Maryjuna, cigarettes, snuff.... yeah. not easy. But he is very self driven to stop. We did the math with him. The money he has spent on those things for the past 10 years could have bought him a few cares.... That freaked him out and he is more driven to stop. 

Keep the commandments if you do you can buy cars. 

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