Monday, February 9, 2015

The Gospel in every corner and clime!

Things are rolling as if it were cut without hands here!! We hit 3 digits at church reaching 101, after being here for 6 months, the Dunkwa Branch has been approved and things will be getting started soon!

A crazy miracle happened this week. A missionary was transferred here last few weeks from one of my old areas, Eshiem! It was great to hear how every one is doing there and the work is still going strong. I found out that the man I baptized there is now the Seminary teacher and will be going to the temple in the next few weeks! 

He also related to me a story how he was with my old friend, the Ward Mission Leader, Ebeneezer when he was leaving telling him that he was coming here to Dunkwa-on-offin and he didn't believe it. He said it couldn't be possible because his father has been here for years and he knows the Church was not here. But this missionary told him how it was just opened and it is a new place. He came with Ebenezer's number when he was transferred here. 

Weeks past and the guy called him telling him that he will be coming to Dunkwa this week to visit! So he came, first day wanted to proselyte with us! He showed us to the house of his father who was so happy to hear the church being here and came this Sunday! Ebeneezer came and in 3 days  gave us like 5 referrals, all who look like they will progress very well! 

The Lord's Work.

I got to talk to Mission President this week and told him of how things are going here. I told how we just hit 100 people at church and this new place only has enough room for 120. So small time, we will be to big. He gave the go to LOOK FOR LAND! Only 6 months and already they want us to look for a place to build a chapel!

I have now first hand been able to see the formal traditions in Ghana. We are so lucky that the equivalent to Governor of the county is a strong member of the church. He has a lot of pull in the local government. He took us round to day to meet the Dunkwa Chief, the Dentrya tribe Chief and local Municipal Chief Executive. We went to all of them and formally introduced the church's presence and and the desire to build a chapel here. It was kind of nerve wracking to be with all they big big men, but they were all very happy to have the famous Latter day Saints in their town. So small time now. 

Things go so fast when there is faith. This is the fastest growing place in the mission only because the faith of the members is strong and they have the desire for the gospel to reach every corner.   

Oh yeah. And I had to preside at church on Sunday and no one giving the talks showed up so I had to improvise the whole program on the spot. Not easy.

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