Monday, June 3, 2013

First impressions of Ghana

• Lawn mowers are non-existent. just big knives they call cutlasses.
• Every person and their grandma sell random stuff on the side of the road and its called Hawking.
• Everywhere I go I am called "Obrunie" which means "white man" There is also a "obrunie cost" which is super high.
• There is tons of unfinished construction. Every other house is not done and never will be.
• Motorcycles do what ever they want. Stoplights are optional for all cars
• There are ghetto buses they call Tro-Tros. Any given 2-lane road can be made into a 4 lane if tro-tros want to go somewhere.
• Taxis are worse than they are in New York
• Clothing is optional, especially in the rain.
• Breastfeeding is not private. Whether you are on the side of the road, being taught a lesson by missionaries, or even in church, its all good

• There are giant billboards that say stuff like "Jesus is coming, Repent!" and every car is plastered with Jesus stickers. 

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