Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where is Elder Riehle?

Frequently asked questions. Answered by his mother.

Where is Elder Riehle?
Elder Riehle arrived on his mission in Ghana on May 17. He spent 12 days in the Missionary Training Center in Accra and then was sent to the town of Agona-Nkwanta not far from Takoradi to serve. His mission covers the southwestern area of Ghana. Attached is a map showing where Takoradi is located. 

What language is he speaking?
He will be speaking English on his mission, but he was learning a few phrases in Twi before he left, and may pick up more during his two years in Ghana. He is also currently learning some words in Fante.

Is he alone?
He is assigned a companion (currently Elder Harris) who has been in the mission for a longer time and who will help him learn what to do and stay with him at all times. About every six weeks they will have transfers when he might change areas or companions. The mission is very organized and he will be reporting regularly to his mission president.

Will he be coming home to visit?
He will not come home during his two year mission. He will stay in Ghana and focus on serving and teaching about Christ. He will call home only on Christmas and Mother's Day, but writes letters and e-mails once a week.

Can we write him?
He loves to hear from family and friends. Please be aware that he has very little email time so he may not be able to email you back. We are posting all his letters and pictures here for everyone to read. He can receive email, or regular postage mail. 

Elder Harrison Riehle
Ghana Cape Coast Mission
PMB CC 1385
Cape Coast, Ghana

There is also an option to send him "pouch mail" and use a regular US stamp. This must be one sheet of paper, folded into three panels and taped at the top. There must be return address in the left hand corner.

Elder Harrison Riehle
Chana Cape Coast Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

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