Monday, July 14, 2014

Duck, Bird, Tortise, Dog, Squirrel

What do all of those animals have in common? All are things that I have eaten this week!
Duck- In a stew when I went on splits.
Bird- I... brought out my redneck side and joined some small boys and went slingshot hunting. One shot landed. And we cooked and chopped. It was about sparrow size. Or... Bite size.
Tortoise- We found it when we were weeding at the farm in the bush.
Dog- Sweet zone Activity.
Squirrel- An unwanted neighbor in our roof. I saw it Sunday morning and chased it down with a broom handle.
Bush animals be on your gaurd. The Nyenasi Boys are in town. D&C 49:19-All beasts are for man to eat. Its doctrine, people.

Last week, I got to go to the SMALLEST area in the mission. (My last area, Eshiem, being second) It took a 45 minute bike ride just to get there. A ride which has proven many a missionary Heros or Zeros. Many have fallen on the way. But Elder Riehle can be added on the Heros List. I am not afraid! We were there and I saw all the blessings that the Lord has provided in my small village now. Nyenasi is a Metropolis compared to that place! It was quite an adventure.

We went to farm not once, not twice but THRICE! I am becoming a professional farmer small small. I have weeded so much now my hands are becoming wood. Along with all the strange bush meats, we got a huge bag of Cassava, a full bunch of Plantain and a giant bag of corn. We are not suffering right now. Even, I have put on a few pounds here! I can testify that when you put your all into the work, the Lord provides. For the 3 months I have been here there has been little success when it comes to numbers but we have progressed lightyears in missionary relationship with members. The members are really trusting us now. With out members, the work is nothing.

We got to meet our New mission President this week. President Stevenson from Oregon. We got to hear a great instruction and have interviews. After, Elder Larsen and I were lucky enough to get a free
ride with him and Sister Stevenson back! They came and visited our apartment and I gave them my famous chocolate cake made in the bush. (With the Carmel from the package. Thanks Mom.) When he was looking around our apartment, he said, "Wow. Its like you guys are pretty much camping out here." Well. I couldn't have put it better myself. All my years in Boy Scouts and working at camp have taught me how to live in Ghana! Who would have thought?

The Assistants came the same time and taught us about setting goals, not just for mission but for life. I have been pondering so much this week on how we can choose who we are going to be in 30 years by how we act today. In the world today, there are so many traps Satan lays to snare people and steal their agency. Alcohol, drugs, pornography, TV, Cell phones. What ever it is Satan wants to tear us down. We have to put ourselves above and set goals to make barriers for temptations coming our way.

Obediah 1:13- We can be a saviours on Mount Zion.

Elder Riehle

Thank you all for sending letters. I received them all and I very much enjoyed! I will write back but I cannot send them till I am transferred away from here.... There is no where to send letters. Love


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