Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reflections on Scout Camp

I love seeing the upcoming generation! I have never realized, but Boy Scouts has taught me so many necessary skills that I have had to use here. The people here are basically camping everyday. i.e. living in mud huts, cooking on fires. I have been able to use fire building, knot tieing and whittling to help people! Who would have thought? But on a broader level, going out for camp weeks and months at a time rally taught me how to live on my own, or at least with out my parents. I truly believe the summers at camp prepared me physically, temporally and spiritually enough that I could hit the ground running as soon as I came to mission. Scouting truly is an inspired program. Feel free to tell this to the boys! Tell them to suck in everything! Every little knowledge and skills they can. The principles from those skills is what will rise with us to the next life!

(This email was sent to Trevor Rosenberg in response to High Adventure.)

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