Monday, July 1, 2013

Ghanian Phrases

It's great to hear that life is still happening! CTP is definitely a way the Lord has used to humble me and to tell me "No silly. You don't know everything" haha It has been nice. That is great you are going out with the Elders at home. To sound really cool to the Ghanaian guy here are things to say

Eta Sen? --Eye
how are you -- Fine
Apome --Nymadim
How are you-- By Gods Grace
Beboni kyewing gum fam wo nim
(Black person) There is chewing gum on your face

There is an explanation. I swear. hahaha Out here there are nooot many Obrunies (white people) around. Apparently at some point in Ghana history there was a white man who sat down on a chair with gum on it and he cursed white people for time and all eternity. Everywhere we go, every kid, seriously every single kid in Ghana, knows the saying, Obruni Kyewing gum fam wo to (White man there is gum on your butt) We get it everywhere we go!! Chanted over and over and over! And I have checked! There is no gum on my butt! Not once! So we always reply that they have gum on their face and they die laughing and can't even handle themselves. It is pretty funny. 

I wish we could give out more Book of Mormons, but it would be a waste. If we went on a street corner and tried to give them out it would be like saying "Hey! Everybody! Free book you can use as toilet paper!" And that is what it would be used as. It might work 1 out of 10, but right now we only have 10 Book of Mormons so it isn't worth the risk. Cape Coast Mission is an interesting story. It is on the rebound of being a very disobedient mission. I don't know if there is a cause and effect, but this mission is very short in supplies. Next transfer, we only have one planner to share as a companionship and we are running low on lots of the pamphlets and baptismal records. I hope the day doesn't come where we run out. (So if you want to "borrow" some from the Franconia Elders, it would be for a good cause hahaha.

One day Agona will be on the map. I have been drawing out a map on paper and its working. I just wondered what it looked like from the air. 

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