Monday, January 6, 2014

Hot and Cocoa. Not Hot Cocoa

My new apartment has its ups and downs,

but a serious UP is that it is next to one of the largest Cocoa refining factories in Ghana! So everyday coming and going from home we get a blast of delicious Hot and Cocoa air. Delicious.

The work is moving surely and steadily, But still on the climb. Still only have about 2 serious investigators and a lot of just 'buddies' who like the missionaries, but just have no interest in our message. Working on it. We had these 2 investigators having a baptismal date for this weekend, but because of some issues it has to be pushed... for a while. It is a sweet couple and the woman comes from the eastern part of Ghana where her family believes in the "traditional beliefs" or Juju. Basically Devil worshiping. Basically just problems. 
Pic 1- My fresh companion and our fresh cuts.

I got my first Ghana haircut this week! My companion is all about looking fresh.. So now... I am something like that.. The Ghanaians absolutely LOVE it. "Wow you are so handsome" "your hair is too fresh." Uh.. Ok. As Long as it helps in the work!

Pic 2- Typical service in my superman shirt pounding plantains!
Teaching is a little on the slow side, so we are doing everything we can to keep busy! The ward was having a big party on Saturday and we spent the whole morning making all the food! Everyone was so surprised the white guy could do anything. They would ask, "Do you have onions in your country?" "Uh.. yes" "How about tomatoes? chicken? fish? rice?" "Of course! You do know we live on the same planet, right?" Sometimes, only a sparse few times, have I had to inform people that No, America is not in the clouds... Basically, everyday is full of surprises.

D&C 100- God promises to bless families with missionaries! 

Elder Riehle
Pic 3- Steps made carved out of a hill. Typical in Peanut town.

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