Monday, January 20, 2014

Super 8

The time for being 8 months has come! Not that I am counting. It is just that ties are really cheap here and I restrict myself to getting a new tie once a month! 

This week was pretty good. Always the few ups and downs. The village is continuing to prosper and flourish! The more effort you put in the more you get out!! We have been finding people that have been taught by the missionaries before, but don't remember ANYTHING so we are just trying to  get past the language challenges and the education challenges and teach veerrry simply. The people are so smart with what they have. They have HUGE farms that the only tool the use to cultivate is a sword. You go guys! This week I got to go out with the big Ghana Machetes and collect fire wood for about an hour for an investigator who is not very serious with our message. Usually we come and she says the is too busy and that we should wait. We wait for some time and awkwardly get up and say we'll comeback another time. But NOPE! Not this time! We went and worked for her for an hour (in the 150 degree sun) and came back to teach her and she humbly pulled up chairs and waited for what we had to say. Thats right! Take that! Service in your face!

All the Elders in my district all stay in one apartment. Last P-day we planned a water pistol ambush for some of the elders in the district. They walked out of their room and Bam! The water fight commenced. We did it mostly because the power was off and none of the fans worked. And don't worry, we worked hard for the rest of the day.

The work is divine and we are working hard!
Elder Riehle


Pic 1- What a lot of my area looks like! Barren hills!

Pic 3- The road to Eshiem

Pic 2- Super Kid!!

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